Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Party

We were invited to a fun filled birthday party this weekend for a friends little boy, Brentyn, who turned 2. There were ponies, a clown, pizza, cake and pinata's. The kids had a great time. Kailei and Payton loved "Giggles" the clown, she did some awesome face painting. Presley wasn't to sure of "Giggles" so we got our arms painted with a Dinosour that chomps!!! I even kept the dinosaur on during my Lobo League volleyball game later that night.....It gave me good luck because we played very well, I was hitting great!

Presley's ouchie

She is always getting hurt, thank goodness she is a tough little girl. We were out at the house on Thursday and we were just getting ready to leave. Presley had already gone outside and she was running back to get in the house and she tripped over some rocks and cement out in the front of Bob and Sandi's house. When she tripped she was too close to the front step, which is stamped cement that is very jagged, and she hit her face. I was very surprised that nothing was broken, and she didn't hurt her eyeball. Payton needed to be in the picture also.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Payton's Princess Party!

We had a great time at Payton's party. I think all the girls had a great time. Princess Lauren did a WONDERFUL job with all the girls, especially Payton. I know Payton can not stop talking about her party. I am glad the party is over, it is always a good idea to have 16 girls over for a party but I was so glad when it was over. I was very excited that I could fit in my wedding dress for the party! I will put more pictures on when I figure out how to add a slideshow.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Check this out!

I love my girls and I love doing their hair. So, if you have girls you need to head over to All Things Ribbon right now!!!! This adorable blog is giving away the cutest little dress you've ever seen, and a bow!!! Definitely don't want to miss out on this one!

Also, we could both win a prize. Just let them know that I sent you!! Good Luck and have fun shopping!! Go here NOW!!!!

Princess Party

I can't believe that Payton is turning 5 on Saturday. It is hard to believe that she will be in Kindergarten this year. YIKES!!!! So, we are having a Princess Party on Saturday because she is one of our Princess's. Sometimes it is so much fun having girls. Because I am me and I like to make my invitations, I got an invitation idea from my friend Mendie Terry. Thanks Mendie!!! You are the best! The most exciting part of the birthday party is going to be the REAL Princess that will be coming to our party. My good friend, Buffie, has a daughter, Lauren, who is a Senior and she is in Show Choir. She has a beautiful voice! I thought it would be a great idea, maybe a summer job for her as well, for her to be my REAL Princess. I am hoping that some of the girls that come to the party will want Princess Lauren to sing at their birthday parties. I will post pictures after the party so you all can see the fun we had!!! Now, I just need to get all the party favors and party activities together. Wish me luck!!!

Pinewood derby

This post is a little late but I just downloaded the pictures. Caleb had a great time. One of these years we will make a car that goes faster than others. This year I bought everything from Hobby Lobby, unfortunately Joe and I are busy doing other things than making a pinewood derby car. Hopefully we will start earlier for next year. Thank goodness we aren't like some of those MEN that think the pinewood derby is the biggest thing in Cub Scouting. Spending LOTS of money on wheels off the internet is not my thing. Anyway, Caleb had fun and his car is the teal colored one. Presley was real board so I took pictures of her to keep her entertained.