Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am so glad summer is finally here and we are in the full swing of things. I thought it would slow down but NO I was wrong. But we are getting to do the one thing the kids love to do all summer, and that is swim 3 times a week. YEAH! Parker is helping a lot around the house, he has helped hang quite a bit of drywall with me. And we have TONS more to hang! He is hoping to start golfing as soon as we figure out which High School he is going to attend next year!?! Caleb is the busy one, as usual. He goes to gymnastics 4 times a week from 9am-1:30pm. We pick him up and then we all go swimming until about 4pm. Then he has baseball practice, as he made the All-Stars team for East Mountain Little League. He will be a level 7 gymnast this season and he is excited. He has a new coach and he works out with all the older boys, which he loves, and all the boys really like him. Kailei is busy playing with friends and she constantly gets asked to spend the night. I don't know if she goes to get away from cleaning the house or if she just has so many friends that want her to stay over. Payton and Presley just go along for the ride. They both are little fish in the water. I love that my kids can all swim and they all love the water. We are enjoying the sun and hot days here especially when we can swim.
We have made lots of progress on our house. We are hoping that we can be in at the end of summer. We had a very productive week last week. We hung a whole wall 19 sheets of drywall and we installed 4 - 5' by 5' windows. It is looking really good. We have passed all the inspections so far so we are getting ready to hook up the electric to the house so that we don't have to run extension cords all over the house. Won't that be great! We are having a great summer!