Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stamp Camp Weekend

I had my annual Stamp Camp in Flagstaff with my Close to My Heart Business Upline. We had a blast. There were 13 ladies from Tuscon, Las Vegas, NV and Albuquerque. I made tons of cute things. As you can tell by the picture of my work place. I always come back motivated to build my business and then reality hits and I just don't have the time right now. But I love creating fun things, especially scrapbooking. I am really getting into that. I am trying to work on Payton's book because she noticed the other day she doesn't have a lot of pictures in her book. Walgreens is having their 50 prints for $5.00 right now and so I am getting pictures printed that I can put in her book.

These are my dear friends, Buffie, who lives in Edgewood, NM (she will be my neighbor, kind of, when we move to our new house) and Mandy, who lives in Fredonia, AZ. We have been to 7 Stamp Camps together! We are Stamp Camp Snobs, but we love to go and create and just have girl fun.....Had a great revitializing weekend and glad to be home with my family.

Baseball is over

YEAH!!!The boys had a great season with their teams. Parker had his last game on June 10th and Caleb had his last game on June 13th. We just had Caleb's banquet at Dion's Pizza last night. I got a nice gift card for being the team mom. The boys had a fun season! I will post pictures of Parker once I upload them.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Girls

We have been so busy that I haven't had time to take pictures. So, the other day I decided to dust off the camera and use it. The girls thought it was so much fun.

My mom was here visiting for a week. We had a fun time hanging out and running all over with the kids. Her back was hurting and so I told her she needed to come and visit and get her back worked on everyday she was here. She felt a lot better. Since she was here we decided to take a trip to the baseball park to have a family baseball game. It was lots of fun. It was the girls against the boys, needless to say we didn't keep score. Joe didn't bat, he was the designated pitcher. It was a fun family game, it pays to have lots of children!!!