Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lost tooth

Payton lost her first tooth. She actually had 3 teeth loose at the same time but she was so scared to pull them out. Once she realized that she got money for her teeth she was a little more excited to pull them out. She lost her 2 bottom teeth within a couple of weeks. The second tooth pretty much fell out and she lost it. Poor Payton!

Kailei baptism

Kailei turned 8 and was baptised on Halloween. She was so excited. She wanted to get her ears pierced so bad but she had to wait a few days. We are limited with what is close by our house, but I found out Walmart (my favorite place, NOT) pierces ears. Who would have thought?

The Happenings

So now that I have internet connection and the time to download pictures here goes.
Caleb turned 10 and since I don't have an oven, we had a donut cake. Joe thought it was rediculous but I thought it was inventive. Caleb got his new Broncos jersey and hat from Grandpa and Grandma Edwards. He is getting ready for his upcoming gymnastics season with his first meet on December 12th.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where has time gone?

Kailei turned 8 on October 20th and she was lucky to get baptized on Halloween. I don't think she will ever forget that. It was great to have all our family and our friends around for this special time in Kailei's life. All she wanted for her birthday was to get her ears pierced, so that is what she did. I thought for sure she would shed a tear, but she didn't cry at all. I was shocked....She looks so cute. It is hard to believe that it has been 8 years.
On another note, Presley is 3 and she seems to always be getting hurt. We were having family home evening and before we knew what had happened she had fallen off the wood bench at the table and it had dropped on her big toe. Needless to say she can't walk on it and it is all black and blue. We are going to xray it to see if it is broken, not that there is anything to do for a broken toe.
We are all enjoying life and the blessings that we have. Yes, we are having our share of trials right now, but I like to think about the positive things in my life because there isn't anything I can really do about the other things. It drives me crazy when people are always complaining about their situations, someone else always has it worse so be grateful for what you do have.