Friday, May 8, 2009

What day is it?

I think my mind is on overload. Joe and I were invited to an Italian dinner at the Bender's house tonight and we were sitting there and it was 9:30pm and I said we needed to get home because the kids needed to be in bed to get up for school tomorrow. I had to take a nap this afternoon because I am so exhausted. We had 3 baseball games this week. Parker is doing very well, he plays for the Astros! They have only 1 loss, it happened when Parker wasn't there. Caleb is still going to gymnastics 3 times a week, unless he has a baseball game on his gym night. He is such a good athlete. He puts too much pressure on himself. His team lost tonight 9 to 11. They were winning until the last inning. His team had too many errors. He plays for the Diamondbacks. I have fun watching the boys play baseball. I have only watched one full game for each boy because I am usually Field Monitor or Concession Monitor. I felt like I needed to get on the Little League board and now I am in charge of buying the stuff for the concession. It is easy when I stay on top of it, but sometimes I get too busy with other things. The girls are troopers and love to go to the boys games because they have lots of friends there. Presley was asleep when we got to the field so I put her in my baby backpack and she slept for at least an hour, she is so good. This week was a busy but good week. Kailei and Payton went to gymnastics twice this week, as well. Everyone seems to be ready for school to be out. I will post some pictures after Mother's Day.

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