Saturday, July 18, 2009

We have fish

Ok, not real fish but my kids LOVE the water. Payton can now swim without her floaties and she is so excited. She likes having the comfort of her vest but she can total swim without it. Presley LOVES to swim without her floaties. She jumps off the diving board at my friend Dana's house. I let her come up to the top before she grabs my hands. She can hold her breath for a long time and when she needs to get a breath she gets her head above the water, sometimes she even floats on her back. She is so funny. She is still working on getting a breath when she gets her head out of the water, but she is like a little fish. We are enjoying the time we can spend at the pool. That seems to be the thing we do when we get a call that a relator is coming to the house. Many people are looking at the house, we are just waiting for the right family to want our home. I can't believe that school will be starting in a month. YIKES!!!! We are having a great summer and we hope you all are as well.

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