Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I have been thinking that I am not going to send out a Christmas letter this year. I don't have time to make Christmas cards this year so I was thinking of going the easy route and ordering picture cards and sending them. I know it is kind of lame but I don't have the time. Plus, the important people read my blog so they would know what is going on in our lives. What are you guys doing? Are you sending a Christmas letter in your cards updating everyone on the happenings in your families? Let me know if you would like a Christmas letter or if I should just put everything on the blog. We have had quite a few things happen in the last couple of months. Give me your feedback, the few of you who actually read my blog.


  1. I only sent out cards. With facebook and my blog I felt that I didn't need to include the letter.

  2. I follow your blog, I do not need a card, keep me post.