Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Father Daughter Dance

So last friday night the kids school puts on a Father Daughter Dance. The theme was "50's dance". I had good intentions of making poodle skirts for the girls but I didn't get around to buying the material. I love that our school does this. Every year the girls can't wait to go. Of course, Presley isn't quite old enough so she didn't get to go and she was sad but hopefully next year. Caleb had a basketball game that night and so I had to get the girls ready at the game. Thank goodness there was an outlet so we could use the curling iron on the hair. Joe got out of work early so he got to watch some of the basketball game before he took the girls to eat at DJ's doghouse and then to the dance. (Side note: Caleb's team lost and they didn't play very well either.)

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